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on March 04, 2020

Working in an industrial environment has always been dangerous, and plant managers strive to find the best solutions to minimize casualties. The aim is to reduce the hazard, manage risks and prevent accidents. 

One way of creating a safer environment is to use the power of computer vision and AI. By training for different scenarios, the algorithm can sense the difference between what is safe and what is not. 

The advancements of machine vision mean that now algorithms can identify objects, edges, and velocity. Computer vision strives to replicate the human eyes effectively, together with the brain’s ability to tell the difference between different objects or situations. Using this in an industrial setting should result in fewer accidents and prevention instead of correction.  

Computer Vision models can be trained in a way that can detect the potentially unsafe actions/situations which can lead to an accident. 

For example, a construction worker working without a helmet or an electrician working without safety gloves. 

Here is a quick demo of how our solution works.


How does it work?

Most production facilities already have a CCTV system installed on the premises. A computer vision algorithm could use this live feed to detect abnormalities.  

There are two parts to this: 

1. Training object-detection model

how 1

2. Use the trained model for prediction

how 2

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