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19 Jan 2021

Receipt Processing Automation: Using AI to Validate Expenses

Submitting expenses to the Finance department is a routine practice in...

08 Dec 2020

Retail Store Compliance: Streamlining Field Audits with AI

Retail store audits is a common process used to assess the price and p...

24 Jul 2020

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Monitoring: Powered by Computer Vision

The first half of 2020 saw COVID-19 causing many businesses and operat...

04 Mar 2020

Safety Detection: Worker Safety in Industrial and Construction Sites

Working in an industrial environment has always been dangerous, and pl...

05 Feb 2020

Defect Detection System: Automate your defect detection processes using Computer Vision

Defect detection during manufacturing is an essential step for ensurin...

24 Jan 2020

Brand Recognition System: Measure your Sponsorship Effectiveness and ROI

Sponsorships are one of the most powerful brand promotion strategies f...

09 Jan 2020

Accelerate Car Damage Claims Using Computer Vision

Recent advances in computer vision algorithms utilizing deep learning ...

11 Nov 2019

Retail Genome: Empowering You To Become The Store of the Future

With the advent of e-commerce giants, the retail industries have been ...

29 Oct 2019

Just Scanner: Our Very Own Receipt Processing Tool

Did you know HR Professionals such as yourselves can save up to 80% of...

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