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Our Approach to BI projects

Our expertise in implementing BI (Business Intelligence) solutions helps companies like yours maximize the value of the data you own. Our BI framework, pre-built data models and experience allows you to realize that value in a shorter amount of time.




  • Defined business question


  • 1/2 day workshop to understand
    - Data Landscape
    - Current Architecture
    - Pain Points & Business Areas

Outcome: Define problem statement




  • Defined problem statement with data domain identified


  • 2 — 3 week activity focused on tech only
  • Building a sample data model with real data to showcase consumption

Outcome: Project viability and business case support


Deep Dive


  • Viability established with a prototype


  • 2 — 4 month activity covering Tech, People & Process
  • Operationalizing single subject area with automated pipeline and data quality and self-service model

Outcome: Productionized solution

BI Accelerators

Start off your BI transformation journey with us by tapping onto our BI accelerators meant to speed up the deployment cycles of commonly found Business Use Cases. Some examples of BI accelerators are

Data Literacy Journey

In today’s world, data is everywhere, and everything is a data project. We all have a role to play in helping our teams and organizations be more data driven. More and more organizations are building a data culture shift to upskill staff, processes, and infrastructure to be more data savvy. At Just Analytics, we share the same vision of a data literate world where everyone can use data to improve decision making and solve your most challenging problems.

Data Literacy is the gateway to Business Intelligence giving you the ability to read, write and communicate data in context. Keeping this in mind, here we are offering a data literacy assessment of your organisation where we come in and study your current AS-IS architecture to understand where you stand in terms of data literacy and advice on what are the next steps you should take to go up the chain. Have a look at our video to understand the various levels in the data literacy spectrum and see where you stand currently, and let us help you move up this ladder.

Target Operating Model

Scale up your BI reporting processes throughout your organisation with our Target Operating Model Process Document. This document is a set of definitions, guidelines, governance controls and assurances, carefully curated for everyone to follow in your team while creating their own reports. Have a look at our video explaining why it is needed to have a Target Operating Model and an Enablement Plan for your team and what is our approach to driving your reporting journey.

Jumpstart your BI Journey

Enable yourselves with the latest features and capabilities in PowerBI rolled out by Microsoft on a monthly basis. As part of the enablement plan, we train your organisation to use the technology, data and the platform properly. This 2 week enablement plan is a bootcamp where we focus on role-based trainings in the first week followed by teaching users how to migrate their own reports to using PowerBI in the second week. As a functional exercise, we also ensure the participants follow the governance rules set up by your organisation.
  • Administrator in a day
  • Advanced Data Shaping
  • Advanced Modeling with PowerBI
  • Advanced Visualization with Power BI

Administrator in a day

  • Introduction to PowerBI
  • Understanding the PowerBI
  • Administrator Role Providing Governance in a PowerBI environment
  • Establishing a PowerBI Environment
  • Provisioning Premium Capacity
  • ...And More
ic_Advanced Data Shaping

Advanced Data Shaping

  • Basic Data Modeling
  • Getting started with M (Power Query Language)
  • Import and Basic Transformation
  • Advanced M Transformations
  • Complex Transformations
  • ..And More

Advanced Modeling with PowerBI

  • Data Modeling Basics & Power BI Desktop Internals
  • Data Modeling Best Practices
  • DAX Calculated Columns & Measures
  • DAX Evaluation Contexts
  • Data Modeling: Time Intelligence Functions
  • ..And More
ic_advancrd Modeling with PowerBi

Advanced Visualization with Power BI

  • What is Storytelling with Data
  • Science Behind Data Visualization
  • Process Behind Data Visualization
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Chart Selection
  • ...And More

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