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Sales Analytics: All your sales performance data in one place, plus advanced forecasting capabilities.

It’s important for Sales Executives to know exactly how they are performing against budget, and to know what products, regions and channels will drive their numbers. Sales analytics can help.

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Financial Analytics: Assume Leadership in delivering business performance insights to the organisation through predictive and prescriptive analytics

Finance requires a high-level view of business performance data in order to assess whether budgets will be met and which areas of the business need attention.

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Procurement Analytics: Spend, Supplier and Procurement Performance insights to help you make strategic procurement decisions.

Procurement is always on a mission to continuously improve the procurement process, optimize supplier relationships and seek ways to save on costs.

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Inventory Analytics: Optimize the inventory with the help of analytics

The effective use of data is crucial for efficient management of inventory, helping to maximize profit and increase customer satisfaction.

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HR Analytics: A one-stop solution to drive business performance

HR Analytics gives HR professionals an opportunity to make informed decisions, understand what is lacking and what needs to be improved in their workforce – all by looking at the factual data present with them.

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Manufacturing Process Analytics: A distinctly nontraditional reporting for traditional companies

Business demands of the 21st century require data analysis tools that are built to withstand the vast and complex data that are coming in. Organisations should not have to compromise on producing quality insights, if your spreadsheets are holding you back from making impactful analyses, perhaps it is time for a change. 

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Manufacturing Process Analytics Report

Asset Management Analytics: Be in full control of your assets today.

An effective asset management system allows your organisation to have an overview of the company’s assets and ensures that they are being used in the most efficient manner possible.

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Asset Management Analytics Report

Digital Marketing Analytics: Be technologically ready

In 2019, there were 321 million new users on social media, adding to the pile of a whopping 3.8 billion active users. All this signals an ever-growing importance of capturing the billions of users online.

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Digital Marketing Analytics

Transport Analytics: Driven By Data

Transportation companies have traditionally been hindered in planning, managing and evaluating their services by having to depend heavily on costly and unreliable manual data collection systems.

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Cost-Savings Analytics: Cut cost without cutting corners

Procurement leaders are naming cost reduction as their top priority strategy.  See how you can optimize this strategy with quality data, useful analytics, and improved data governance.

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Supplier Scorecard: Evaluate performance for effective procurement

Rich with data-driven insights, a master scorecard can be powerful for supplier accountability and risk mitigation.

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Credit Card Analysis: Leverage Your Cardholders Insights

Credit card analysis reporting system specifically designed to help banks and fintech firms easily analyze customer credit data  and better organize their periodic reports.

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Credit Card Analysis: Leverage Your Cardholders Insights

Escalation Management: Core of Customer Service

Numbers provided by Bain and Company show that it is 5x more expensive to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. Se how this reporting system can allow you to increase profits in the long term.

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Installation and Quality Management Reporting System: Achieve quality excellence with data

All companies aim to provide quality products and services to their customers. Quality is a mindset and an approach adopted by companies to increase customer satisfaction and sustain profit in the long run.

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Kit Fill Rate Analytics: Managing your inventory with confidence

A vital inventory management tool that summarises operational KPIs all in supply chain can benefit from.

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Spend Analytics: Keep track of your spends

As businesses strive to actively engage in spend analysis practices to increase profits, Just Analytics has built a Spend Analytics Reporting system to seamlessly carry out your spend reporting.

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Exchange Rate Analytics: Create Your Competitive Business Edge

An FX analytics reporting system that offers businesses actionable insights for trading FX or simply monitoring the exchange market.

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Exchange Rate Analytics

Airline Analytics: How Analytics Can Transform the Aviation Industry

As data analytics continues to play an immense role in digital transformation, this aviation analytical reporting system can transform the way your business is conducted in the industry.

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