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ChatOps for Project Management

AI-powered bots combined with process automation can be an efficient way to automate routine project management tasks, thereby enabling the project managers and skilled staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

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ChatOps Architecture

Competitor Pricing Analysis: Gaining Competitive Edge with Power Platform

As the competition in the e-commerce space heats up, there is a need for ways to track and analyze competitor prices and catalogues across multiple platforms to better adjust price and evolve offerings.

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Competitor pricing app video-thumb

Retail Store Compliance: Streamlining Field Audits with AI

Regular store audits can be time-consuming and prone to error and corruption. By using computer vision, field surveyors can make the whole process more objective.

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Retail Store Compliance

Equipment Request App: Automating Business Processes in a Digitized Economy

By 2023, 52% of global GDP will be accounted for by digitally transformed enterprises. To compete and survive, business leaders are naming business processes automation as one of their top priorities.

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Automate Your Invoice Processing with Power Automate

In modern business world, more organizational processes are increasingly digitalized. One such business process common across all industries is invoice & receipt processing.

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Automated Invoice Processing

Receipt Processing Automation: Using AI to Validate Expenses

Manual expenses verification is time-consuming and prone to human error. This is why we have built a receipt processing app to automate the receipt submission process.
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Receipt Expenses Processing App

Sales Lead Management Using Chatbot and Adaptive Cards

Sales is one of the most critical functions of any business, which is why it is very important to manage leads effectively.

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Sales Lead Management Bot

Power BI Email Automation

Save time by automating report export and e-mailing to multiple stakeholders with their respective filtering needs.

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