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19 Mar 2021

Power BI Email Automation

Regular and timely business reports are critical for any business irre...

19 Jan 2021

Receipt Processing Automation: Using AI to Validate Expenses

Submitting expenses to the Finance department is a routine practice in...

19 Jan 2021

Sales Lead Management Using Chatbot and Adaptive Cards

Sales is one of the most critical functions of any business. Therefore...

21 Dec 2020

Automate Your Invoice Processing with Power Automate

In modern business world, more and more organizational processes are i...

08 Dec 2020

Equipment Request App: Automating Business Processes in a Digitized Economy

By 2023, IDC predicts, over half (52%) of global GDP will be accounted...

08 Dec 2020

Retail Store Compliance: Streamlining Field Audits with AI

Retail store audits is a common process used to assess the price and p...

08 Dec 2020

Competitor Pricing Analysis: Gaining Competitive Edge with Power Platform

COVID-19 has massively accelerated the growth of e-commerce, according...

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