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on January 09, 2020

Recent advances in computer vision algorithms utilizing deep learning are accomplishing fascinating outcomes with regards to the classification of pictures, object recognition, and image segmentation. The applications are emerging, and several companies are beginning to gander at this innovation as an approach to make insurance claims processes simpler and faster. Here’s one of the future insur-tech use cases we’ve developed that assesses the damages in a car through image analysis.  

Just Analytics’ Car Damage Recognition system reduces the time and efforts spent on human inspection for insurance companies, car rental companies and car repair services providers. Powered by deep learning, the computer vision system automatically detects a vehicle’s body parts and analyzes the type and severity of the damage. After the inspection, a report can be created with a rundown of damages and estimated cost fix. To see our solution in action, click at the video below.


Benefits of Car Damage Recognition

  • Accuracy: Seamless claim settlements which are otherwise prone to human errors if done manually.
  • Scalability: Provides an automated framework using advanced techniques and algorithms to scale the process of claim settlements. 
  • Agility: Benefits Insurance companies, car rental services and car repair services to quickly provide cost fixes for the damages the system analyzes. 

Interested to see how our solution works behind the scenes? Here’s a quick demo that runs you through our approach.


To download our slide deck on Car Damage Recognition, click here

To sign up for a 1-1 free discovery workshop with us, do get in touch with us today! 


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