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Written by Siddharth Saxena
on May 30, 2019

SQL server 2008 is undoubtedly Microsoft’s most famous server software offering. It helped developers to push out apps more frequently and gave them a really good proving ground for testing their applications.

However, Microsoft has recently announced that it is going to end the support for SQL 2008 from July 9, 2019. From this date onwards, Microsoft will stop providing security updates for the SQL Server 2008 and this leaves us with three options moving forward.

Continue using SQL Server 2008 Without Future Security Updates


This might seem like a zero cost option, but the data proves that you will be losing something far far precious – your clients’ trust.

  • There are 360000 new malware released each day into the internet
  • In 2016, Yahoo lost 3 Billion user accounts to hackers
  • Large scale attacks are seeing 27% yearly growth
  • The average cost incurred to a company due to a malware attack is $2.4 million
  • IoT related attacks rose 600% in 2017

The rule of the book is to never compromise customer or company data. While it may seem cost efficient, you are putting too much on the line.

Use SQL 2008 by Rehosting to Azure and Get 3 Years of Free Extended Support


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud service platform that lets users enjoy the benefits of having servers without worrying about on-premise infrastructure. Moving to Azure means access to advanced tools such as AI, Machine Learning and Analytics to get more value from the SQL workloads.

But why Azure?

  • A powerful cloud server system boasting over 140 datacenters in 140 countries.
  • A 24x7x365 monitoring system that constantly checks for the stability
  • 5 million organizations had already registered with Azure by 2017
  • 85% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure
  • Azure Complimented with Just Analytics’ Features


    The third method is the process of taking your traditional workloads to a new level with intelligent data analytics and gain insights to drive better business growth. With Just Analytics, data deconstruction becomes a breeze, business research gets fine-tuned and overall efficiency of the company can be increased exponentially. 

    The change is evident especially in decision making as clear, insightful data helps CXOs make the right decisions for the company. Make the most out of your Azure investment with Just Analytics’ solutions:

     - ERP Analytics

    • Transforms the ERP data into actionable insights
    • Single source of truth across the organization
    • Easy to use dashboards for information sharing
    • Real-time demand forecasting and predictive analytics
    • Role-based reports and analytics

     - Guzzle

    • Streamline data pipelines and simplify data integration
    • Built-in test framework to test the configurations and business logic
    • Single implementation with massive reusability
    • Enterprise-grade auditing, balance and control capabilities
    • Rollout any complex data pipeline within 1 to 6 weeks
    • Support for DevOps to ensure version control of metadata

    Moving to Azure is the right step forward. Compliment this with AI and ML powered solutions from Just Analytics and make the most out of your Azure investment. Contact us now to schedule a free demo.

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