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Siddharth Saxena

24 Jan 2020

Brand Recognition System: Measure your Sponsorship Effectiveness and ROI

Sponsorships are one of the most powerful brand promotion strategies f...

11 Nov 2019

Retail Genome: Empowering You To Become The Store of the Future

With the advent of e-commerce giants, the retail industries have been ...

29 Oct 2019

Just Scanner: Our Very Own Receipt Processing Tool

Did you know HR Professionals such as yourselves can save up to 80% of...

30 May 2019

What next after SQL Server 2008 End of Support?

SQL server 2008 is undoubtedly Microsoft’s most famous server software...

06 May 2019

Making the Most Out of Your Azure Investment with Azure Databricks

With End of Support for Microsoft’s most popular SQL Server 2008, movi...

16 Apr 2019

Migrating to Azure: A Just Analytics Recipe

From post to emails, calculator to a computer, wired to wireless, tech...

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