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on December 16, 2019

With the swarm of machine learning use cases being introduced nowadays, it becomes fairly inevitable for organisations to adopt these latest trends to ensure their growth is constant and efficiency is improved. Such is the value delivered by Just Analytics’ latest offering - Smart IVR. This solution uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to allow callers to talk naturally to get the exact help they need without having to navigate long and tedious audio menus.

Benefits Of Implementing Smart IVR - 

  • Reduced costs: It is not cost effective to have a customer care agent attend to every customer call. Yet human interaction is very much required especially in cases of complicated issues. Smart IVR does a human like interaction with the customer to handle many of the common issues and also collect critical customer information before it transfers the call to customer care agents for critical issues.
  • Increased operational efficiency: For many common scenarios there are clear action steps to be taken by the customer care executive to help the customer and also update the information systems. With the help of Smart IVR, these common scenarios can be automated from start to the end thereby improving operational efficiency of the customer care executives.          
  • Greater customer insights: With Smart IVR you get a dashboard which gives you insight into what is happening in the calls in real-time. It tracks common issues people are raising, customer satisfaction levels, customer feedback and all other metrics critical for adapting your Smart IVR to best serve the customers.
  • Stronger brand image: An IVR that can understand the customer’s needs fast enough and at times even before the needs are uttered, brings the brand a totally different level of mind share. It makes the brand synonymous with excellent customer service.
  • Personalized service: Smart IVR gives your customers a very personalized customer experience by not taking them through the routine menus and pressing of buttons. It does a data dip and uses propensity scoring to understand the customer’s needs better and faster. If a customer says something that the IVR is unable to understand, it routes the conversation seamlessly to an agent who can help.

Features you don't want to miss - 

  • Proactive communication: Smart IVR does a data dip to figure out what may be a customer's need even before customer utters a word. Such proactive understanding of needs and thereby swift straightforward solution impresses customers beyond any limit.
  • Voice to intent: Smart IVR uses state of the art deep learning to understand the meaning, sentiment and the intent behind what the customer is saying.
  • Automated call direction: No need of pressing numbers, no need of listening to long menus to figure out where to go. Instead of the customer figuring out where to go, Smart IVR automatically understands the right direction to take the call in.
  • Scalability: Smart IVR can scale up and down based on the incoming volume of calls.

To understand more about how our solution works and how it can be customized for your organisation, dget in touch with us today.


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