Turning your Company into a Data-Driven Enterprise

07 May 2018
Sales | 3 min read

Sales Forecasting in the Age of Machine Learning

By convention, sales forecasts are done by extending a line from the h...

24 Apr 2018
Procurement | 2 min read

Solving Supply Chain Agreement Leakages Through Strategic Procurement

Managing a complex supply chain can be challenging. With multiple supp...

16 Apr 2018
Inventory | 3 min read

Identifying Slow-Moving Inventory

Inventory planning and management is a tricky thing. Get it wrong and ...

07 Mar 2018
Sales | 4 min read

Case Study: Advanced Sales Forecasting Techniques for an Animal Feed Manufacturer

Sales forecasting is a key element of a business. Accurate forecasting...

05 Mar 2018
Procurement | 4 min read

Ask the Expert: The Impact of Analytics on Supply Chain Management

Just Analytics engages with experts of various industries to share bes...

20 Feb 2018
Procurement | 3 min read

The Importance of Sales Forecasts to Supply Chain Management

In some organizations, sales forecasting may seem more art than scienc...

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