Turning your Company into a Data-Driven Enterprise

Written by Carmen Brillianwati
on October 22, 2020

No matter the industry you are in, evaluation is essential in ensuring a profitable supply chain. With most businesses, this means keeping a scorecard in place to track different suppliers for performance visibility. 

Manually, scorecards can be helpful in monitoring a small number of suppliers. However, they can turn into a nightmare to interpret when you are dealing with a high volume of active suppliers. This is exactly why we have created a simple, yet comprehensive scorecard businesses can utilize for effective monitoring across the board. Some of the highlights of what this scorecard can offer are: 

1. Centralized dashboard 

Current group scores_censored

The main problem of manual scorecards lies in their disconnection between suppliers. With a centralized report, you will be able to easily access, track, and categorize each one of your suppliers, all in one dashboard. This way, you will be able to yield a complete overview of their performance, dramatically cutting down the time often wasted on collating data.

2. Comparative analysis

Group trend_censored

As with other reports we have built, this scorecard does more than gather data from different sources. It also provides users with visualized comparisons of their different performance and trends throughout quarters. Through predefined metrics, the scoreboard will summarize, average, and present KPI trends as clean graphs. Users can also go for a deeper evaluation and exploration into these trends by drilling down to individual suppliers.

3. Standardized and customizable metrics

Scorecard results_censored

Here at Just Analytics, one size should never fit all. This is why everything you see in this scorecard can be easily tailored to your business’ needs. Depending on the industry you are in, any relevant and measurable metrics your organization has established can be used to determine the KPIs, metrics, and weightage necessary for a fully optimized evaluation.

In the long run, an interactive and intuitive supplier scorecard can do wonders for any organizations. Rich with data-driven insights, a master scorecard can be powerful for supplier accountability and risk mitigation, thus realizing cost savings and improving profitability. 

Ready to deploy your own scorecard? Contact us for a complimentary demo and discover how you can utilize the data you have for a data-driven strategic planning. 

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