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Our Data Science Accelerator Program enables organizations to unlock maximum data science value faster and cheaper

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What is the Data Science Accelerator Program?

Data Science Accelerator Program is a 2-3 week accelerated data science engagement for quickly extracting the value from a data science problem without putting a big investment at stake
Framing the data science problem
Initial Data Cleansing
Initial Data Normalization
Initial Feature Enginneering
AutoML modelling
Here is a quick video explaining the program


Most data science projects have significant proportion of research and uncertainty involved. This makes it critical for us to be able to do more with less time and resources

Save time

Faster delivery of value

More experiments

Freedom to try more use cases because of low cost

Lower risk

Lower data science investment risk

Save cost

Lower cost per use case

We deliver use cases faster than others using our use case accelerators. Here are some examples of accelerators

Safety Detection
Just Listen
Smart IVR
Just Scanner
Retail Genome
Brand Recognition System
Car Damage Recognition System
Demand Forecasting


Empowering your Business to be Future Ready

Do I get a deployable module at the end of the accelerator?

Yes. You get a deployable model as a result of the accelerator

What type of data science problems do you solve under the DSA program?

All types of data science problems. Here are few examples:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Defect detection automation
  • Operations monitoring using CV
  • Chatbot
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Churn prediction
  • Recommender engine
  • Campaign propensity modelling
  • Fraud detection
  • OCR and Form recognition
  • Brand recognition using CV
  • Workplace safety detection
  • Audio analytics
  • Text analytics: Sentiment, intent, compliance
  • Retail computer vision: Stock out detection

What all do you do in the accelerator?

For classic ML problems like forecasting, propensity modelling, predictive maintenance and churn prediction, we do the following

  • Exploratory data analysis 
  • Data cleansing
  • Feature engineering 
  • AutoML modelling

We do multiple iterations of the above framing the problem on different granularity levels and in different ways

For computer vision problems

  • Data labelling 
  • Training
  • Optimization

What is not covered in DSA program?

DSA program is a no-frills accelerated data science project. Therefore we do not cover the following

1. Automated retraining pipeline
2. Drift detection
3. Model explainability
4. Model deployment
5. Event driven alerts
6. Custom modelling
7. Dashboarding

These are all done as part of Data Science Deep Dive

How long is the DSA program?

2-3 weeks depending on the use case

Make the most of your Data

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