Customer Analytics 101: A Non-Technical Primer for Marketing and Sales Leaders

Customer Analytics uses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover trends and patterns in customer behavior in order to understand who your best customers are, how to keep them buying from you and how to find and acquire more just like them.

This eBook takes you through the basics of Customer Analytics, its potential benefits, and how you might apply it in your business.

It is designed for CMOs, Sales Heads and other forward-thinkers interested to learn how customer analytics can provide your company a competitive edge in customer acquisition and retention.

What’s Inside:
· Chapter 1: What is Customer Analytics?
· Chapter 2: Applications of Customer Analytics
· Chapter 3: Getting Started on Customer Analytics 


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In highly competitive B2C industries, data can be a huge differentiator when it can be harnessed to provide insights that can support customer acquisition and retention, and to identify opportunities for growth and cost savings. Just Analytics provides you with customer analytics and artificial intelligence solutions that help you increase marketing ROI, reduce your risks and grow the business.


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