Location Based Analytics

You can present data to users in many ways, including traditional columnar reports either printed or viewed on a computer screen as a spreadsheet or simple graphs and charts. However, it’s impossible to communicate all the necessary information from your dashboard with just a bar graph or pie chart.

Spatial technologies like Google Maps API and Bing Maps are growing rapidly, making it possible to present dashboards that enhance decision makers’ abilities to answer complex questions, including:

  • Where are the urban spots showing the most uplift for campaigns?
  • Where are my customers making the most calls?
  • What is the distance between where my customers live and where they shop?

In fact, any data that does not include geographical (spatial) information is artificially constrained, which means decision-making is compromised. The role of spatial analysis in your business is essential in managing a business. Geospatial analytics combines spatial analysis and map visualization with proven BI tools, in order to better support the corporate data analysis process and ensure you can make informed and accurate decisions.

Spatial Analytics Implementation Services
  • We work with your business users and technical teams to define special analytics needs.
  • We support end-to-end development of your spatial dashboards.
  • We work with your technical team to add a spatial dimension to your existing assets (stores, cell towers, customer addresses, etc.).
  • We work with providers such as Here and Google to integrate your spatial data to maps.
  • We integrate your data warehouse and reporting application with maps.
  • We provide automation and other batch scripts for continuous monitoring and maintenance.