What backend ERPs are supported?

We support Oracle eBusiness Suite, SAP ECC, S4 Hana and Microsoft Dynamics

What are the supported ERP modules?

We support Finance, Procurement and Sales. You can find demos of the solutions for each of these areas from Our Solutions page.

What technology does the solution use?

The solution has been designed for the Microsoft Azure data platform. You can download our datasheet to find out more about the underlying technology.

I have some data in another operational system, but I want to integrate that with my ERP data for analysis. Is that possible using this solution?

The solution uses standard components from the Microsoft Azure stack. It can be extended to ingest any kind of data including structured data from other applications.

Can’t I use your model and deploy it using MySQL and Tableau (or Oracle and Tableau etc.)?

No. The solution has been designed specifically for Microsoft Azure data platform. The components used are as follows:


What if we are using a different ERP or a home-grown ERP?

The key challenges in any data warehouse are sourcing data and modeling data. For the supported ERPs we have either developed programs to source data or are working with partners who know our model and can easily deploy it.

For other ERPs you will have to perform the data extraction and populate our staging tables. Modeling this data into the data warehouse can be leveraged from our solution. Note that this may have an impact on implementation time and costs.

Can I deploy the solution on premise?

Our solution was designed to be deployed on the cloud. It can be deployed on premise using SQL Server Enterprise Edition and Power BI Report studio but it is not the preferred option.

Can it integrate with unstructured data like social or other data?

Yes. The solution uses standard components from the Microsoft Azure stack. It can be extended with Azure Data lake components to ingest any kind of unstructured data.



What is the typical implementation cycle?

Since it is a pre-built solution we can rapidly deliver a Proof of Concept and deploy the solution. As opposed to typical deployment cycles for custom data warehouses that can take over 28-36 weeks, Just Analytics can deliver within the following estimated implementation times:

  • For Oracle eBusiness Suite expected duration is about 8-10 weeks per module. This includes implementation of reports, dashboards and 1 Machine Learning scenario. This does not include customizations to the ERP and other custom data sources.
  • For SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, expect about 16-18 weeks per module.
  • For other ERP sources it may be significantly longer.


How much will be the implementation cost?

The cost will depend on the final scope. However, our approach enables us to price our services much lower than typical data warehouse implementation costs, and complete projects faster.


Can I just buy the model from Just Analytics and have someone else implement?

No. There is still a lot of domain knowledge needed on ERP to implement this solution. We are working towards making it simpler. However, at this time implementation will have to be performed by Just Analytics.

What will be the estimated Azure consumption?

This depends on the data volume and size of the organization. Annual Azure consumption per module is expected to be around $40K to $60K per year.

Do we need any special licenses on our ERP?

For Oracle eBusiness suite there are no additional licenses needed. For SAP you may need to purchase additional licenses to allow you to export data from SAP to the data warehouse. Please check with your SAP account manager.