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Today’s rapidly changing business world demands solutions that bring together data, processes and analytics to help a company make better decisions. Our enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions bridge the gap between process and technology to drive performance, thereby meeting budgeting and planning needs of complex organizations.

Our team consisting of certified Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Essbase experts, will help you articulate and seamlessly implement an end-to-end EPM strategy customized to your needs.

We provide end to end Financial Budgeting. Operational Planning and Business Forecasting Solutions

On Premise

Oracle Hyperion and EPM solutions provide a comprehensive view of the business, which links inputs from all critical stakeholders, providing a framework for setting goals and measuring success. It allows customers to work collaboratively to generate accurate, consistent and realistic results. At Just Analytics, our certified consultants on Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning and FDMEE will help you to utilize Hyperion Planning to its full set of features. 

Hyperion EPM Implementation Services
  • Define and develop EPM systems aligned with core business strategies
  • Support end-to-end development of your EPM application for:
    • Development of budget entry forms, business rules, workflow and security for your Hyperion Planning application.
    • Data integration with GL and other operational systems using Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDMEE).
    • Integration of Budget application with data warehouse and reporting systems for end to end reporting and analytics including standard reports and slice and dice analysis.
    • Automation and other batch scripts for continuous monitoring and maintenance
  • Help you with business modeling solutions such as activity-based costing, profitability management, and master data management.


Hyperion EPM Support and Optimization
  • We work with you to review, optimize and evolve your EPM system end to end.
  • We provide you with an integrated design and methodology for the entire EPM stack from source systems to end user forms and workflows, providing one-stop delivery for all EPM requirements.
  • We offer diagnostics, optimization and support methodologies that leverage tool-specific features and capabilities.
  • We provide value-added, proactive EPM system administration, tuning, optimization, monitoring and maintenance enhanced by custom tools and dashboards.
  • We ensure process automation to enhance productivity.
  • We deliver programs for promoting end-user adoption and increasing user proficiency.


On the Cloud

Anaplan is an innovative challenger in the enterprise performance management market providing innovative cloud-based business modeling and planning platform.

The Anaplan platform’s flexibility and scalability mean it can serve as a basis for financial, commercial and operational planning models. It provides real-time performance no matter the data volume and complexity. Unlike traditional planning tools or spreadsheets that stall with overhead data as they scale, Anaplan using its patented HyperBlock™ Architecture delivers optimal performance no matter the volume or complexity.

This ensures that as data volumes scale, complexity does not. This innovation enables our clients to update or change models of any size, from one to one trillion cells, instantly online. Simply update a key driver and see the changes ripple through your model. Whether the question is large or small, Anaplan’s engine responds immediately, and delivers instant visibility into the impact your decisions will have on business outcomes with no fears that the system will crash due to data complexity and volume. As the platform records updates, it intelligently updates only those cells with changes.

Anaplan implementation services

Just Analytics employs best-in-class Anaplanners with in-depth knowledge of EPM, who can effectively deliver all elements of an end-to-end business modeling and planning solution on the Anaplan platform.

Anapalam Partner
  • We work with your business users and technical teams to define and develop an Anaplan model aligned with your core business strategies.
  • We support end-to-end development of your Anaplan model, including:
    • Data integration with on premise and cloud applications
    • Working with your team to develop models
    • Automation and other batch scripts for continuous monitoring and maintenance
  • We develop and support programs for promoting end-user adoption and increasing user proficiency.