Data Management

More data means more possibilities, but only if you can actually use that data. Real data discovery requires an interactive, visual discovery tool that simplifies the exploration process. The convergence of structured and unstructured information (email, social networks, blogs, etc.) drives the need for a common data management and analytics platform to organize, analyze and maximize the value of information within your organization.

Just Analytics has years of experience implementing diverse, robust solutions that allow your users to dig deeper into mission-critical questions. By leveraging next-generation BI products, including Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, users can follow their natural inclination to get at the “why” and “how” behind those answers and drive additional insight. Our solutions merge unstructured and structured data and encourage end users to answer unanticipated, “in the moment” questions at interactive speeds, and unlock the potential of their data.

Agile Data Discovery Services

  • Merge structured and unstructured data, and provide rapid search-based data discovery
  • Go beyond the data warehouse by integrating subscription-based data services, file systems, content management repositories and websites to create valuable insights for your organization.
  • Allow your users to seek out their own questions and arrive at their own conclusions without IT assistance.