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Written by Siddharth Saxena
on January 24, 2020

Sponsorships are one of the most powerful brand promotion strategies for brands, teams and clubs. According to McKinsey, brand strength contributes 60 - 80% of the overall sales. This is the reason why sponsorships continue to grow at 4% per annum. But do you know how to quantify your brand exposure and thus measure the estimated ROI you’ll get out of this investment? Testing the effectiveness of advertising (TV, Newspapers, Social Media) is not uncommon nowadays, especially given that we have these different platforms with their own advertising insights highlighting the performance of your campaigns. But, calculating your estimated ROI from sponsorships is not that straightforward since it may be a simple matter of a brand name emblazoned on a shirt, or a car, or on the side of a sports ground. This is where AI comes into play.


Using computer vision technology powered by deep learning, Just Analytics’ Brand Recognition System quickly measures the effectiveness of sponsorships and runs measures which capture the amount of time a sponsor’s name was visible during a football match or in a Formula One racing event or in any other sponsorship event. Here is a quick demo of how our solution works.


Benefits of having a Brand Recognition System

  • Cost Effectiveness - optimizes your spending on sponsorship resources by giving you an overall brand exposure metric.
  • Brand Positioning – recommends the placement of logos for maximum brand exposure.
  • Strategic Sponsorships – provides you with valuable insights to help the company strategize for future investments.

Interested to see how our solution works behind the scenes? Here’s a quick demo that runs you through our approach.


To download our slide deck on Brand Recognition, click here

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