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19 Jul 2018

Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Predictive Analytics

The availability of real-time data coming from apps and devices provid...

14 May 2018

ADFv2 Dynamic Loading of On Premise Tables

  For a recent project, we had to copy data from ERP systems in 3 coun...

30 Apr 2018

Forecasting Property Prices using ML Models

After three years of falling prices, 2018 is looking like the year tha...

30 Apr 2018

Shape Map visualization in Power BI

Power BI Desktop allows you to visualize geographical data using maps....

30 Apr 2018

Machine Learning in SQL Server

      Machine Learning Services   Machine Learning Services in SQL Ser...

27 Apr 2018

Power BI Advanced User Tricks: Exception Filtering

  In doing analysis you will often need to create an “exception filter...

15 Jan 2018
Hadoop Hive Tez | 7 min read

Apache Hive and Apache Tez – Memory management and Tuning

 Apache Tez is an extensible framework for building high performance b...

15 Jan 2018
Hadoop Spark | 4 min read

Tuning Resource Allocation in Apache Spark

  Resource Allocation is an important aspect during the execution of a...

08 Jan 2018

Oracle Database Connectivity in Power BI Report Server

  The Power BI Service is Microsoft's easy to  the cloud based Microso...

06 Nov 2017

Using ADF v2 and SSIS to load data from XML Source to SQL Azure

  Since the release of Azure Data Factory V2, I have played around wit...

30 Oct 2017

Migrating the Data warehouse to the cloud does not need to take years

  A few weeks ago, we had a chance meeting with the CIO of one big com...

23 Oct 2017

Deploying SQL Server Integration Packages in Azure

  Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based data integration service while S...

23 Oct 2017

SQL Server in Linux

Microsoft SQL Server now supports Linux. Since it has just come out of...

29 Apr 2017
Business Intelligence | 3 min read

Automatically Purge ODI Operator logs for BI Apps

  For one of my projects we ran into an issue with constantly running ...

20 Apr 2017

Dimension Specific Aggregation in Power BI

When dealing with facts and measures in any BI tool, you can set the a...

11 Apr 2017

Filtering in Power BI

You are now able to pass filters to a PowerBI report using the URL. Th...

01 Mar 2017
BICS | 2 min read

Implementing Navigate in Union reports for BICS

As we all know Navigate does not work in OBIEE when we are in a Union ...

12 Nov 2016
Hadoop Big Data | 18 min read

HIVE-TEZ Query Optimization

Following up on my earlier post on some of the configuration and optim...

12 Nov 2016
Big Data Hadoop | 7 min read

HIVE-TEZ SQL Query Optimization Best Practices

Introduction Whie working on my current project for a large bank on a ...

03 May 2016

Effective Procurement and Spend Analytics

  The potential to use Procurement & Spend data to be more strategic, ...