ADFv2 Dynamic Loading of On Premise Tables

Posted by Minh Anh

May 14, 2018 12:00:00 PM


For a recent project, we had to copy data from ERP systems in 3 countries to Azure SQL. With each instance of the ERP application having more than 70 tables, using the traditional method for defining data sets and copying data would be too tedious. In ADF v2, using certain parameters, we were able to make this entire process dynamic and all it took was 1 day for all this to work.

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Topics: Azure Data factory, Azure, ADF v2, Azure SQL, ADF

Forecasting Property Prices using ML Models

Posted by Jahan Balasubramaniam

Apr 30, 2018 5:00:00 PM

After three years of falling prices, 2018 is looking like the year that the Singapore property market's will start turning around. We did a small study for one of the leading condominium developers in Singapore to try and use the latest machine learning approaches to determine property prices. 


Our job was to use public data to set a reliable estimate of the psm selling price. Market and competitive research will yield a benchmark price per square meter, but how do you place a value on other important factors, such as the demographic profile of the residents, access to public services and recreational facilities? Do you have the capability to test your assumptions before project costs are incurred, perform what-if analyses on the fly, and present the information in a compelling way to investors?


This is where analytics can help.


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Topics: Spatial Analytics, Machine Learning,, Property Development Planning, Public Data, Azure ML

Shape Map visualization in Power BI

Posted by Canh Duc Nguyen

Apr 30, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Power BI Desktop allows you to visualize geographical data using maps. The current version (October 2017) has the following types of maps:


  • Map
  • Filled Map
  • ArcGIS Map
  • Shape Map

In this post we focus on the Shape Map. In contrast to the Map, the Shape Map cannot show precise geographical locations of data points on a map. Instead, its main purpose is to show relative comparisons of regions on a map by coloring them differently.

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Topics: Azure Analysis Services, On premise Power BI reports, PowerBI Dashboard

Machine Learning in SQL Server

Posted by Pravin Kumaran

Apr 30, 2018 12:00:00 PM



Machine Learning Services


Machine Learning Services in SQL Server is designed to support data science tasks without exposing your data to security risks or moving data unnecessarily.

Key benefits include:

  • Avoids data movement and data risk by bringing analytics to the data
  • Integrates the best features of open source with Microsoft's enterprise capabilities (revoscale and microsoftml libraries).
  • Easy to deploy and consume predictive models
  • Integration with existing workflows
  • Unified governance across analytics and storage
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Topics: Machine Learning, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Server 2017, SQL Server Analysis services from Oracle

Power BI Advanced User Tricks: Exception Filtering

Posted by Tram Chau

Apr 27, 2018 4:30:30 PM


In doing analysis you will often need to create an “exception filter” for when you want to select everything except for specific values (i.e “exceptions”). However, filters are designed to select what you want to include, and not the other way around. It can be quite tedious to do exception filtering when there are several items to choose from.


In this article we discuss how we can enable exception filtering in Microsoft Power BI.

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Topics: PowerBI, Azure Analysis Services, PowerBI Dashboard

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